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Our Process

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Our Process

Pilgrim Blue looks to revolutionize the agency model by focusing on long term results. While other agencies look to sell a large scale final product, we realize that the success or failure of that final product isn’t weighed in net positives or negatives but bottom line growth. We look to identify the goals of the bottom line growth and other time grow our solutions to the scale, all the while easily identifying what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, learning what worked in a solution and being able to reproduce that result across over lines of business is infinitely more valuable than the confusion or headaches associated by trying to fix everything at once.

We focus on bringing success through digital products and innovation. For us, digital product is everything from a website to a native app. We specialize not in identifying the specific but leaning on our deep well of experience across the web, native apps, and social media marketing to provide full holistic solutions that improve your business without increasing your stress. Let us handle the burden of your digital presence so you can get back to what you do best.

What is digital product?

  • Your website

  • Your social media accounts

  • Your app

  • Your CRM

  • Your sales funnel

  • Your SEO optimization

  • Your Yelp reviews

All of these together create a suite of digital product that is the most critical touchpoint in your customer experience. If they don’t coordinate and aren’t optimized then the front line of your business is underperforming.

The Spiral Methodology

spiral diagram.png

To achieve our results we look to engage our clients in a different development cycle than other agencies. It’s called the spiral methodology. It allows our clients to combine their deep experience in their business with our deep experience in technology to take full advantage of everyone’s skills. The methodology is broken into 4 quadrants, strategy, vision, creation, and decision. As the work passes through quadrants it gets refined and targeted against a desired outcome.

Each spiral consists of varying involvement in each quadrant but as the solution grows Pilgrim Blue can either begin applying the solution with your in-house talent or our deep networks of technologists. This way solutions grow with you.


Before we act, we learn. We get to know your business by meeting with your team, asking the right questions, and finding the right outcomes. This gives up the ability to lock down the solution and get a target timeline and budget.


We collaborate with key stakeholders and begin planning a course of action. Working with your existing infrastructure first we evaluate the lowest cost solutions and target easy wins to start getting results right away.



We only create targeted deliverables based on out clients needs. Exhaustive custom development only happens when the benefits overweigh the long term costs, such as increased payroll or overhead.



Our iterative process involves multiple opportunities to steer the project towards your goal. We view the decision making process as foundational to our execution and delivery.


Let’s Start A Journey

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