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Pilgrim Blue is a digital product innovation studio that believes in crafting one of a kind experiences and delivering those experiences to the masses. We know that your success isn’t tied just to one factor. In order to push the needle you need your product to sing on the screen and reach people in the real world.

What is digital Product?

If your business relies on an website or online presence to generate sales, then it’s a digital product and it’s time to treat it as such. As businesses grow online more and more are moving from a tacit website to a digital product strategy. Is your business ready to keep up?

Technology doesn’t need to be intimidating, cumbersome, or ugly and even the most polished products need to find the right users.


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What Our Collaborators Have To Say


Matt Carver [Founder of Pilgrim Blue] is tireless in his work, pouring himself into every product he touches.

Peter Gallo
SVP, Director of UX

I highly recommend Matt [Founder of Pilgrim Blue] and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Jason Apolinaro
Group Director, Digital Production
Wonderful Agency


Working with Pilgrim Blue is a distinctly rewarding experience. They use technology to address genuine human problems often missed in the product & innovation consultancy world. I've had the opportunity to genuinely improve the everyday lives of people through unique product development with Pilgrim Blue.

Mike Kenny
Director of Design


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Our Services

Every project is unique and customized to suit your needs. We’ll customize a project plan to suit your business needs. Our core services revolve around user interface, creative technology, and product strategy. Ideally we look to offer solutions that fit the business in scale and support requirements. To us this means any solution we implement is intended to grow your capabilities and revenue without necessitating new staff or complex processes. Some of out contributions commonly include:

  • UX/UI Design and Implementation

  • Customer Journey Maps

  • Rapid Prototypes

  • Dashboard and Data Visualization UI

  • Micro-Service Development And Architecture

  • Passive Interface Development (Voice, Chatbot, Service Workers, etc)

  • Digital/Physical installation design, development, and installation

  • Social Media Marketing

See our services for more information on what and how we deliver.