Pilgrim Blue

About Us

We’re digital voyagers


Our hearts are set on embracing change

PILGRIM BLUE is a hard to define but in practice we are much, much more than a traditional agency or consultancy. We seek to leave old models behind and craft new models that suit our clients' needs. Pilgrim Blue is comprised of digital natives with tech savviness across countless channels. Whether we’re engaging in a social marketing campaign or native app development, our solutions take all digital factors into account.

We are fearless

First and foremost, we know that the one quality that sets the successful from the rest of the pack is the ability to embrace change. Technology doesn’t take its time and neither do we. Our skillset is constantly evolving with the market.

Our services are integrated

We avoid one-off projects or short cuts. In our experience, the best way to strike out on a voyage is to chart a fresh path for each journey's individual needs. We assemble teams that can address every affected touchpoint.

Versatility is a premium

We believe that the most underrated skill in technology is adaptability. We strive to build teams that embody versatility and have a top-notch network of collaborators that can tackle any project.

consistency over chaos

Innovation inherently invites chaos. We strive to mitigate that by developing a culture of consistency. We don’t create a working model ad-hoc for every client. We make small adaptations to a process that we know works.


About Our Founder - Matthew Carver

Matthew began developing software at 15 years old, launching open source, free-to-use applications that interfaced with AOL Instant Messager. In his adult years he pursued his passion of digital art through design and videography. After years of directing short films, crafting custom animations, and designing collateral, he pivoted back to his first love, the internet. Matt was an early adopter of Responsive Web Design and in 2014 published “The Responsive Web” though Manning Publications.

After finding success in Dallas, Matthew moved to New York City to test his metal in the cut-throat world of New York digital agencies, working for Big Spaceship and Code and Theory, two of the most innovative digital agencies of our time. He continued his trajectory of learning by experience by moving client side by joining The Standard Hotels to launch One Night, a new way of turning wasted inventory into a new, low cost, revenue stream. After 6 years of grinding it out in the big city, Matthew moved back to his adopted home of Texas to settle down with his wife and dogs in Austin.

When not working with clients Matthew is a photographer and woodworker, making furniture for his new home since, since as he puts it “Design Within Reach is too damn expensive”. For more on Matthew, his photography, and his woodworking projects visit his site, matthewcarver.com.

The Responsive Web by Matthew Carver


Our Approach

Our phased approach starts with identifying the problem areas and crafting the solution. We follow a spiral methodology that starts with a strategy and ends each phase with validation. You control the cadence of progress and fidelity of deliverable. This process seeks to help you mitigate risk while giving us the tools we need to ensure the highest quality output. 

Phase 1: Discovery

We define the challenges we are facing, present relevant trends in technology, and audit your current state before providing a proposed solution. This phase allows us to learn as much as possible and find solutions that resonate with you.

Phase 2: Vision

Once the initial target area is identified, we begin to plan the course of action. We assess risk, further refine the solution, and propose a prototype. We want to be able to accurately reflect your current architecture before proposing where our solution fits in.

Phase 3: Creation

After we're comfortable with the plan and a proposed proof of concept, we develop an iteration of the prototype. We first define the scope of the solution, and then test our theory by practicing.

Phase 4: Decision

If the prototype is validated, we test, develop and release. Along the continuing process we identify further decision points so we remain on target.


Our Services

Strategy & Consulting

Product Life Cycle
User Testing
Stakeholder Interviews
Technical Consulting
Project Management
Technical Architecture


Web design and development
Mobile App development
Web App Development
Physical/Digital Installations
Calm Technology

Influencer Ambassador Programs

Influencers Identification
Outreach, Follow up, and Negotiation
Contract Management
Brand Strategy
Content Review and Optimization
Affiliate Link Management
Content Creation and Rights Management
Event Hosting and Publicity
Discount and Promo Code Management