Pilgrim Blue

is this what you were expecting

another stock website

I spent the last 15 years making software for the profit of companies that view my work as a blip in a balance sheet. This shit won’t cut it any more. I don’t want to make you another boilerplate website. I don’t care about your nephews app idea. I’ve already heard it all. The internet is a stocked pond of hucksters and grifters. All I want to hear is that you’re ready to make things happen and want somebody to help you get it done.

This site. This marketing speak. This isn’t me. It’s not who I am.

I want to be the guy who scares the shit out of your competitor.

Don’t fill out my contact form and don’t sign up for my newsletter. That shit is for the marks. If you’re ready to hire a son of a bitch that’s going to challenge your brand and bring innovation, e-mail me directly at matthew@pilgrim.blue

You should reach out before somebody else does, because this ax of mine is about to start swinging. If you want a more conservative agency that’s going to smile and take your money go check out RG/A and tell them Matt says hi