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Easy Solutions For Boutique Hotels

Cloud computing is doing more to disrupt the hospitality industry than you think.

Hospitality has always been an industry of change. As reservation and property software adapts to the cloud, boutique hotels are having to adopt quickly. Meanwhile established players move to catch up as tech giants start closing in. All of these factors can create a stressful workload for anyone managing their dream property. There’s no lack of great cloud based solutions but at the same time social media is forcing hotels and restaurants to wage a war on two fronts. So how do you deploy a software stack that can tackle all the challenges today’s technology provides?

Some Hotels are turning to on-site events to engage influencers and bring social media attention to your business, but what happens later when you have a chance to turn that attention into a booking? If your website can’t drive traffic down the sales funnel, then that traffic goes to benefit the online booking engines. Even if your website performs, are your potential guests able to book comfortably? What about analytics on the social media that leads to a booking? All these question illuminate the difficulty of property management.

Here’s some unexpected solutions to the issues plaguing hospitality:


Squarespace is known for its ability to quickly launch a site, but it’s also capable of much more. With one of the default templates you can quickly showcase your property online and it’s integration with analytics tools, basic CRM capabilities, and it’s ability to use media with the versatility you would want for hotels and restaurants make it stand out among the competition. It’s tools allow even people with limited design experience to maintain the sites day to day needs. It’s also easy to manage without having to do much custom code, but because of Squarespace’s approach to open source technology it has the ability to integrate with custom solutions easily.

Instagram TV

Struggling to get social media attention? Try turning to Instagram TV and making a short video on property. Live video gets promoted well within Instagram’s service, but because of the platform, videos can be shot with more attention on content instead of production. These means a small update on the property or simple “behind the scenes” videos can yield a high return with little risk. You can elevate your brand, market your business, and with proper content curation get increased traffic through cross channel promotion. When shot right some small videos shot around property can be used on the website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. Content drives visitors and sets the tone for your guests.

Sift Science

Sift offers a fraud prevention platform that reduces change backs using machine learning. Their software is easy to use and learns from you. You can train its software to predict a risky transaction and over time the system learns what to look for and prevents the transaction from going through. Using its automation tools will provided added piece of mind that you can’t put a price on.

matthew carver