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Motel 6


Motel 6 needed a custom pricing tool. To provide the solution we collaborated with their technology partner to create an interface that allowed front desk managers. With our custom UI the front desk managers became empowered to set the baseline prices and then factor in modifiers to adjust pricing based on local market fluctuations.

The custom development on this lead to a simple to use interface that clearly established baseline rates for week over week pricing and allowed property managers to manipulate that baseline by augmenting the day of week and week of year modifiers to establish pricing models based on more than gut instinct.

Technologies Used

  • Ember

  • Node

  • Bootstrap for Ember

  • MongoDB

Services Included

  • Design Language System

  • Responsive Design

  • Custom Property Management Software

  • Legacy system integration

  • Web Development

  • UX/UI Development and Design

matthew carver